Most of people who travels with bus, takes care about the brand of the bus. Passenger seat is a product which none of the passengers don’t care about the brand or doesn’t know who produces them. 

We are producing those seats , which makes your travel enjoyable, makes you reach to your “loves” in comfortable and safety way. 

Our only patience is to design and produce passenger seats. Four partners who work in this market since 1998, in different seat producer companies as managers and/or partners;  established Fource Seating Systems Inc. Corp. 

Our target is , to use our experience and knowledge belongs many years and produce passenger seats for mainly buses  and after to marine ındustry than railway market. 

We produce the innovative and functional products in Bursa OSB, in a plant app.5000 sqm., by our semi-automatic production line. 

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The point we want to reach….

  • To be in the first 3 according to product range and export rate between the companies who produces passenger seats.
  • To create a brand which is well known in global market or to produce our own products under another brand which has already reached that level. 
  • To be the safety and the comfort source for the vehicle producers.

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How we will reach  ….

  • Offering products and services that are safe and comfortable for passengers and that add value for vehicle owners and manufacturers and to identify our brand with passenger transportation.
  • Designing products that are trendier, faster, innovative, and to design trend-creating products, not following trends.
  • To be an interior design partner for our clients rather than a supplier. 
  • By making a cooperation with an international brand , reach to vehicle producers in different countires of the world. 
  • To create value for our company, country, customers, business partners, suppliers, employees and our society.

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Our target is to create value for our customers and society , by our service and  product quality.

  • We develop high quality products and services to identify the customer's real needs and to best meet them
  • We direct our product and service development efforts to the needs of our customers and the markets we are in.
  • We see our suppliers as our business partners; we have long-term collaborative plans based on mutual benefit and sharing. We apply incentives and programs for their development.
  • We consider the competitors and competitiveness of the markets we are in ; as dynamic to be a driving force to continually improve our products and services.
  • We commit to all interested parties, that we work together as a team in all areas to continuously improve the quality of our products, processes and services.
  • We develop good practices in order to be a role model for the society in terms of recruitment, promotion, equal and fair wages, social rights, education, job possibilites for new graduates, harassment and prevention of discrimination.
  • We consider the expectations, attach importance to the achievements, and appreciate the achievements by creating effective communication channels between our employees.
  • We commit to all interested parties that we accept and obey all the rules of our Quality Management System in order to reach our goals and protect our high quality standards.

All of our employees have understood and supported the importance of our quality management system.


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